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Teamwork is the essence of film making. Each person holds a function requiring different aptitudes in order to reach a common goal. From production, directing, sound, set design and till assembly, each department is of great importance for creating a final uniform project.
For many reasons, teamwork is far more efficient as opposed to individual work.
First of all, there are two crucial points to be considered : The different perspectives as well as the different capabilities. The world of cinema is diverse and this is why there exist particular studies for each domain of that activity. The required knowledge varies from one area to the other.That is why teamwork, well getting along and good communication, are crucial points in realizing a project. Different mentalities as well as different cultures, once shared, are key to exploring and limitless improving an idea. We all have different opinions and that is why, listening and understanding each other, enhance a film project, and guarantees it, once released, to be more intersting and captivating to the public.

It is obvious that one person on its own, cannot simultaneously handle all functions together. That is why we must learn how to cooperate and work in a team. It has been demonstrated that a well mahaged teamwork is a far superior asset. For instance, solving a problem is far easier due to group involvement strength and innovation.

Here attached is an article about teamwork in genera: https://cogswell.edu/blog/importance-collaboration-teamwork-creative-industry/

In the field of movie making, everyone has to keep to their strict function in order to ensure a good common spirit. That is why the work is executed in a hierarchic manner.

The film director makes the artistic decisions, the producer provides the financing and organises the overall project. The rest of the team members must abide by the rules and directives given them according to their specific line of competence. But beyond hierarchy, collective work and ideas sharing give life to a project.

I strongly believe that you must listen to your colleagues opinions to improve the work efficiency.
As a film director, I believe that respect is what ensures the best team achievement. Everyone is important even at the lowest scale of responsibilities.You have to give proper indications, and make sure everyone is in agreement and that their individual concerns are taken into consideration.

What I like best in the film making activity, is working closely with team people around me and reaching together the same goal. Each person’s effort contributes to the final result. Each person brings an energy and a personal experience that create the full team dynamism
My own past experiences have proved to me that an idea can only be innovative if shared among other collaborators and thus improved. That is why for a project to be successful, you must know how to choose your team members, depending on their ability to innovate, to share and most of all, to well behave within the team. Good behavior and respecting the social rules and limits, are what it takes for getting along and keeping a pleasant spirit and ideal work ambiance.

Every project is different and therefore requires a team with different competence and capabilities.. You must properly evaluate each oerson’s professional features such as to ensure an eficient working environment.
This is a Harvard’s article dealing with the above subjects https://hbr.org/2016/06/the-secrets-of-great-teamwork

In the end, we all live in community, and tha above remarks not only apply to the world of Cinema, but also to life in general. Whether politicians, businessmen, artists, writers, intellectuals or workers etc..the same basic rules must be observed for getting successful results.
The world of Cinema is one that particularly requires a strict application of those rules, which then, create the best atmosphere and complicity among its members.