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The Movie


“There is always a second chance “
“Everything happens for a reason”


Written by Joy Cameron



GABRIEL and ELENA are young fiancés. They are very invested in their careers and share their lives in two opposite worlds. Elena is a musician on the ascent in the electronic scene of Berlin. She is surrounded by false and drugged people and she leads an unhealthy life. On the opposite Gabriel is a professional boxer, a solitary character who surrounds himself only with his Thai coach CHAYAN who he has known for more than fourteen years. Elena will go through hell when Gabriel falls into a coma following a motorcycle accident. She no longer will have the courage to fight and meet the needs, in addition to being pursued by her music label for breach of contract,she will also lose her home. Elena will create a very strong relationship with Gabriel’s sports coach, who will help her to get by with the good of boxing but even more a fight against herself and her unhealthy lifestyle. Driven by hope, Elena will learn to cope with her own demons and then come back on stage stronger than she ever was. This movie is about the story of an incredible journey of a young woman facing the loss of what is most dear to her and a radical change in her lifestyle.


I’m writing this story inspired by real life to convey a message through a destiny that can sometimes be unfair. Through this movie, I would like to stage two distinct lifestyles which are totally on the opposite.  The story is inspired by real facts and persons I have met as well as my own experiences. Through the passion of music, I found a way to escape my problems. I surrounded myself with people who escape from their daily life and society prejudices during parties. The truth is that the night life is a vicious circle pushing to forget the reality resting in superficiality. It’s just about being who they want to be and getting rid of their inhibition through illicit substances or simply fake behavior. With ELENA the main character, I convey a message of total self-destruction. It is never easy to deal with the problems that life imposes on us, yet the way we choose to act in the face of adversity allows us to move forward. Berlin is known for its incredible night life scene. It’s a city which gives a chance to fulfill an artistic music career. At the same time, being successful is worth the cost of not being in control of our own choices and privacy. My movie insists on the fact that some artists do not have the right of their own choices when being under contract by a label and producers which sees in their art a way of earning big incomes. More than being artists they become a selling product and money maker, which makes them dependent from the career they chose. With this movie I would like to point to an abuse of the artistic skills with ELENA the main character. In the movie ELENA has been struggling to get into this career and had to fight to be successful. As a matter of fact, in the movie we get flashbacks, which makes the viewer understand ELENA’S background. She used to live with her grandmother who transmitted her this strong passion for music. Unfortunately, Elena’s grandmother died when Elena was still young and she found herself living in an Artist squat where she was surrounded by independent artists who lived day by day. Their struggles with family, money and toxic relationships problems led to drug abuse. ELENA had to push herself to fulfill her career and dreams. She is a woman who had always had a lot of ambition and understood since a young age that life is hard. She had to fight to get what she wanted and deserved. She has a very strong character and a lot of charm, which make her very powerful. Through time ELENA got what she wanted: a career, money and success, thanks to her talent and believe in herself.
But getting there and being under a restrictive contract, she loses her belief and the freedom, she saw as priceless. ELENA finds true love, honesty and trust in her relationship. Gabriel is a man who saw her evolving and loved her for the powerful mind she has and for the way he saw her fighting for her rights and chasing her success. He protects her because he understands the situation as he met her during her time in the artist squat.  He accepts the pressure the producers put on her, because he is aware about her will of living in comfort, which she earned by working hard. Both went through a lot together and also as individuals. Gabriel is older and evolved over time differently because he had the chance to be surrounded by his boxing coach, who is very wise and positive. Boxing combats are violent but also instore a mental force. The music industry instead is a world hard to live in, because of its superficiality. It is a universe where ELENA constantly must manipulate others and where everyone tries to put her down to steal her success. There is no moral value. Berlin is a place where you easily get to fall into the drama of an unhealthy lifestyle, being surrounded by people who, like ELENA, wish to be at a certain level in their careers but then find themselves falling into drugs and have no limit in how they behave. Thanks to her talent and powerful energy ELENA learned how to distinguish herself from the others. She always was a woman who fought for her freedom and independence until arriving at a stage in her career where she had no longer the right of making her own choices. The fear of losing everything she had built made her accept the situation in which she had no other choice then doing what she was told by her producers. This is the price to pay for life others would dream about. When Gabriel falls into a coma, ELENA reconnects with her believes and values. She stops listening to what the others wants from her. She is guided by her sadness and no longer has the strength to give to the others what they expect from her.  When ELENA must face the loss of her boyfriend she starts to be guided by her own intuition again. Through all the movie the viewers will discover a woman who always did what she wanted and never listened to what the others had to say. ELENA is a woman who never was touched by other people’s opinion and got to live her life with no regrets. She is the kind of woman, who emits an energy so strong that people just can’t but pay attention to her. Some of them envy her, others thinks she is extreme. And this is what she is, extreme, in her believes and actions. She is the kind of person who doesn’t know how to live in a mediocre or temperate life. Its everything or nothing. She always did what she felt like doing and never knew how to impose limits. This is what made her successful in her career and life. At the same time surrounded by negativity which reflects in her lifestyle. ELENA always managed to have what she wanted, she is stubborn and faces life her own way. More than that, Berlin’s techno scene is unique and represents a total freedom in terms of being who you want to be. Partying without any rules. With this movie I would like to point to the inside craziness in Berlin, which is hidden on the outside. You need to live in Berlin and join the community rules to understand what the real “Berlin scene” is like.

I would like to represent the newer version of Berlin in this movie. Berlin Calling” is a movie which reflected Berlin in the 80’s through Paul Kalkbrenner’s life. Since then Berlin kept the same atmosphere but has also changed overtime.

Unlike partying, boxing is a mental discipline which instills strength of spirit, which is the essence of fighting through tough times. My main character will be confronted with the mistakes of her current life, which she entered through her passion for electronic music creating a destiny she does not control. Thanks to the relationship she will create with her fiancé’s coach, she will discover a whole new way of approaching life and the problems she is inflicting on herself. Losing a loved one is always hard. Many people have already found themselves in a relationship that for one reason or another had to end. We all have our way of coping with the grief of a loved one, especially when we are not in control of events. Yet we also have free will to decide how we will handle things. This film is a call to mental strength when it comes to managing the elements that we do not control. In this movie the character Gabriel, lives a regular orderly life but ends up in a coma – for an reason – it triggers the positive change in Elena, the heroine. I believe everything happens for a reason and that all elements are connected. An unfortunate accident will change her destiny and even more the way she handles life. We are all influenced by what surrounds us and this is precisely what I would like to show through my story. Bad for good. We can draw from the positive even in what is most negative; it is a question of changing one’s own perception of events. In the end and thanks to the character of Chayan, the coach, I appeal to the Thai Asian culture with strong mental values that I would instill in the film. The mind is stronger than the body. This is one of the values taught by Thai boxing, but this can also be found in their religious beliefs. I find the Asian cultural spirit highly interesting and very close to reality when it comes to the values of life. In the western world we tend to complain about our own fate instead of learning from it and evolving. My movie conveys a message of hope and how with our free will can choose how we manage things in life. Here it is a series of events happening for a good reason. Everything is written. It is destiny.


The work on the visuals for this film won’t be any less challenging. I already have in mind a very precise idea of the scenes in the film but will also follow the advice of my artistic team. The film requires a lot of design work as well as all kind of purely technical means. I would like the whole film to reflect the underground aspect of Berlin and its incredible musical scene. Thanks to the images I wish to immerse my viewers in a Berlin universe. First of all, it’s a question of finding film locations that match the storyline. I imagine the evening scenes shot in nightclubs offering mystical attractions to Berlin habitants and visitors. I am in contact with one of the most famous and old nightclubs we know in Berlin: le Trésor. This is the first club that has opened their doors legally offering parties for more than two days in row every weekend since the fall of the wall in the early 90’s. I imagine street scenes in areas not well-known by the general public. Backgrounds covered with tag and wacky messages. Berlin is full of visually stunning alleys in bright colors or on the contrary very sober ones. Neighborhoods such as Kreuzberg, F’hain and Kreuz-köln inspire me. For the boxing gym in which Gabriel trains I imagine a basement where everything would be specially arranged for boxing. An underground club that shelters the most talented boxers, being very private at the same time. A place among the many hidden spots , in the city. A windowless room with boxer photos on the walls and boxing bags every corner. I would also add a big boxing ring in the middle of the room. The apartment in which Gabriel and Elena live must reflect in every way their characters. I would like the decoration of a typical Berlin apartment that has never been renovated. The idea would be to transform it with furniture and accessories reminiscent of arts and sports in every respect. I would like the whole project face balance between neutral colors and bright colors. Everything will depend on the scenes and the emotion that will emerge. At the purely technical level I would like to use good material such as quality camera and cinema optics. Furthermore I’d like to use machinery. Cranes, drones and rails to give a visual effect reflecting the greatness of a live party or a boxing match. This material would also support the scene of the motorcycle accident. Still the design production would have a primordial place. The ideal would be to add to the scene a damaged motorcycle and a real ambulance. This project requires meticulous work for both actors and the technical team. During the writing of the script I refer to real life characters to create their personality, no one is perfect, beautiful or ugly, nice villain, but all the characters have different expectations of life as well as different perspective to the story. In the end A profound message shall emerge from the movie. If I had to refer to a movie that inspired me, I would talk about “Southpaw”, a movie about a boxer who lost his wife and who is fighting for the guardianship of his daughter.


Berlin Boxing is a feature film (90 minutes format) which will bring more income than what will be spent for its realization . I would like to attract the intention of the movie and music industry. The idea is to work with artists on screen and by the B.O of the movie. I am in contact with musicians who are interested in the projects and ready to help when the movie will be created. I think music and cinema always came together. As the techno scene is becoming more famous we would certainly have a target audience which includes electronic producers. As an example I would like to point to Avicii’s death, which in a way reflects the content on the story (producers abuse). The documentary which was shown on the Netflix platform has exploded its views because of the late news of his death. I would like to point to a real problem we face in the the artistic industries. I want the contents of the movie to be realistic in terms of the reality of the music industry. If we are supported by famous artists then the movie will be propitious to a commercialization campaign.

I think this movie would perfectly fit a distribution in the U.S.A. The mentality of world cities as New York, Miami,  L.A., Seattle is quite European, so our  target audience can relate to a Berlin night scene and the story will touch the  American/ European mentality and way of behavior. The target audience will be between 15 to 30 years old and will touch music and sports lovers.
I can also picture the movie in Asia for the same reasons as above. I would like to see the movie distributed in cinema or on famous internet platforms such as Netflix. Of course a good marketing is necessary to catch the interest of the young generation.

The script was written two years ago and is still in development. The final product will be released at the beginning of 2019, so this movie could be shot at the beginning of  2019/2020. I am open to suggestions and improvements and would like to have a powerful working team In order to make it very efficient.

The budget should be more or less around 200.000 Euros. We do have the facility in Berlin to shoot without having high
expenses. In terms of material I would like to use an Alexa (Arri) Camera and use cranes, dollies, steadycams, depending on the scenes and the needs. I am in contact with rentals in Germany and in France, which could be willing to reduce the final producing costs prices. I have contact  to a University which has music studios of high quality. We could use these for free. I am also in contact with freelancers I have been working with in the past and who are owners of trucks, crane cameras and even very good lighting. They are also interested in this project and would be happy to help with their facilities. An idea could also be to shoot a teaser at first and release it in order to have people reactions and get part of the funds.


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