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Directing, filming, editing

Contents :  My Manifesto is an overview on how I see filmmaking.


Directing, filming, editing

Contents :  BBC Introducing live for the singer LAMIA, in the U.K

Producing,Directing, filming,  EASTEL live in “La Machine du moulin rouge”, Paris France

Contents :  Esteal, Techno D.J live

Producing directing filming editing Signal event video

Contents :  Signal Music Festival, Berlin

Directing, filming,Editing Caption For Film fest at Berlinale, Berlin 2018

Contents : Film Fest is a well known festival taking place in Portugal. We filmed their promotional event at Berlinale.

Directing, Producing commercial for SmokedCraft Vodka

Contents :  Working Version

Producer assistant on Nuts the feature film, Beyrouth Lebanon,2016

Synopsis : Jenny was made for love and Lana for gambling. In this old-fashioned country, Lebanon, women have no say. Defying everyone and everything they will fight for their freedom whatever the cost.

Imdb page :https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5593008/

Video I  wrote, Directed and produced